Inspiring Your People to a Healthy Life

Those in FINANCIAL SERVICES are under pressure and stress everyday.

As I work with them, they tell me of the challenges to meet ever-increasing goals and more competition than ever before. Mergers and acquisitions are a normal part of their existence. Rules and regulations, compliance issues, and holding on to existing clients are just “part of the job” for many. The stresses they face can take a great toll.

JOEL / MetLife

I was speaking at a MetLife meeting. In the event brochure, next to my picture and program description, was a listing for Joel, another speaker. He was a financial planner who was a top producer. His photo showed him on his sailboat doing what he loved most when he wasn’t on the job. But Joel didn’t make it to that meeting. He died one week before from a heart attack. He left a wife and two children. Joel was just 44.

JEREMY / Morgan Chase

Jeremy was a managing director at JP Morgan Chase. With time at Bear Stearns he had a combined career of 17 years. But he was more than just his career success. He was one of the good guys. He had a personal passion for helping young people struggling with cancer. He was on the board of a non-profit that gave grants to young people getting on with life after they beat the disease. Ironically, Jeremy died from melanoma at 43.

ROB / Merrill-Lynch

Rob was in financial services his entire life. He was a bank branch manager, a mortgage loan officer, a commercial loan officer, and a top producer. He was also a fitness nut and personal trainer “just for fun.” One day, he felt some chest pain while running. After three separate occasions, he finally saw a cardiologist. Turns out he had a 99% blockage in his heart’s “widow maker.” Rob got lucky. He was 51 when they put a stent put in.

David's Signature In-Person Keynote:

Wealthy, Healthy & Wise

In this 60-90 minute program, David Meinz addresses critical aspects of what it takes to personally maximize the health and quality of life for financial services professionals.

The goal of all those years of hard work isn't about someday being able to pay medical expenses. It's about being able to enjoy the payoff. 

David shows those in financial Services how to build up their health equity.

For Over 25 Years, David Has Been 

Helping Financial Services Audiences...


Performance & Productivity


Professional & Personal Energy


Organizational & Individual Health

David's keynote and new book "Wealthy, Healthy, & Wise: How Financial Services Professionals Can Make Sure Their Health Lasts As Long As Their Money Does" have been receiving great reviews.

“Coffee, Tea, or Caffeine-Free?”

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"At a recent luncheon hosted by senior bank executives for business owners and centers of influence from across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, guests filled A SOLD-OUT ROOM to hear one of the most impactful presentations of its kind! David Meinz delivered nothing short of a first-class, humorous twist on a content rich program entitled “Wealthy, Healthy, and Wise.” Our guests left motivated and eager to apply what they learned, and hopeful to have an opportunity to hear him again.”

Shannon Bettis, Senior VP, Commerce Lending Manager, Southside Bank, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX